Corso XXV Aprile's wall

Address: Corso XXV Aprile, 14036 Moncalvo AT, Italia

On November 27, 2019, a huge mass of earth, boulders and gravel broke away from the medieval wall that borders the entrance to the Aleramic town and fell onto the provincial road, where fortunately no one was passing at that precise moment.

After the escaped danger and the immediate inspection for the investigations of the case, the damage counting and the work to make the entire area safe by the municipal administration together with the police, mainly committed to redesigning the road network. small town.

In the following days the solidarity operating machine of the entire community was also set in motion and thanks to the great generosity of the Moncalvesi, and beyond, a large fundraising was organized aimed at finding the money for immediate urgent work.

Thanks to the commitment of the Pro Loco, the Municipality and many volunteers, a series of initiatives were organized that involved the entire community, including the solidarity aperitif at the Pro Loco headquarters, on December 15 and the charity concert on December 27, at the Civic Theater, exactly one month after the collapse of the wall. In the meantime, the urgent work continued at the Corso XXV Aprile site, coordinated by Eng. Simone Giordano, who involved measures to consolidate the portion of the wall spared from the collapse, making the entire collapsed part safe.

The municipal administration led by the mayor Christian Orecchia has focused not only on carrying out the actual work, but also on mediation with the citizens regarding the understandable inconveniences encountered and on the search for funds for the safety works. With regard to all this, the Municipality of Moncalvo obtained a loan through a tender from the Ministry of the Interior, for the amount of 90 thousand euros, divided as follows: 40 thousand euros for the planning of the consolidation of the part not collapsed and 50 thousand euros for the design of the reconstruction. After weeks of hard work, here are finally the first results: on 29 February 2020, the three families residing in Corso XXV Aprile, displaced following the collapse, were finally able to return to their homes, and about 10 days later, the On 11 March, the one-way street was reopened in the presence of the Regional Councilor for Infrastructure and Transport Marco Gabusi.

A tangible sign of strength and determination in a period marked by the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic and the national lockdown. The last goal achieved was the total reopening of the road on 5 June with traffic in both directions. "The collapse of Corso XXV Aprile wall was certainly one of the most tragic events that took place in Moncalvo in recent decades", said the mayor of Moncalvo Christian Orecchia.

"In addition to the regret and sorrow for the collapse of a part of Moncalvo's architectural heritage, there is above all the discomfort due to traffic problems. These continuous emergency situations to which we have been subjected for a year now, have not stopped us, but they made us stronger and more united. The first goal was to secure, now it is necessary to resolve this situation as quickly as possible, so that it does not become an uncomfortable legacy for future generations. We immediately and concretely activated ourselves in synergy with the higher bodies to find the funds necessary for the reconstruction. Among these bodies I thank the Piedmont Region, in particular the councilor Gabusi, for the availability and support he is still providing us today ". "The Piedmont Region - concluded the mayor Orecchia - has allocated to the Municipality of Moncalvo, through the European Emergency Social Fund, a sum of over 400 thousand euros for the safety of the west side of the wall".

These funds represent a contribution to the consolidation of the wall which will be started as soon as the design is completed, or presumably in the first months of 2021. The remaining part of the sum that will be used for the reconstruction of the collapsed area is expected. "I remember the night of November 27, 2019, as if it were yesterday - declared the deputy mayor and councilor for security of the Municipality of Moncalvo Andrea Giroldo - the wooden barrier built previously and the fact that no one passed through at the time of the collapse made it possible to avoid the worst. I thank the Fire Brigade, the Carabinieri and the Municipal Police, who in the first hours and in the first days were fundamental to guarantee the safety of the population and to define with us the procedures for the interdiction of the area. never stopped and now the work done in synergy with all the bodies involved allows us to first consolidate what is still standing and then to rebuild what has collapsed. Come on Moncalvo !!".

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