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La Fracia

Address Via XX Settembre, 14036 Moncalvo AT, Italia

Via XX Settembre, known as "La Fracia" for the moncalvesi, is the beating heart of Moncalvo's commercial life.

The street connects Piazza Garibaldi and the "Dazio" and is part of the "via maestra", which runs from Piazza San Francesco to the arch of San Marco; it owes its fame to the shops and its buildings.

Like all commercial streets it is characterized by numerous alleys; three of which dedicated to illustrious moncalvesi, Agostino della Sala Spada, Gabriele Capello and Franco Montanari.

Walking down the street towards the "duty", you will come across a first alley entitled "Vicolo XXVII gennaio" in memory of the presence of the Jewish ghetto until the beginning of World War II.

Arranged among the porphyry are 4 stumbling stones to commemorate as many victims of the Holocaust.

La Fracia reserves many interesting and characteristic views, which reveal its ancient origins, an example is the "Casa Lanfrancone", a characteristic building dating back to the thirteenth century.

Continuing the walk, you will find "Casa Montanari", with the arch and a splendid staircase, and the church dedicated to St. Anthony Abbot.

Originally the paving of the street was different from the one we know today, made of cobblestones and lose (stone slabs), spaced just far enough to allow the passage of the wagons.

The advent of new vehicles and the need for sewer rehabilitation led to today's porphyry paving in 1954.

Shops, traditional recipes and history are the ingredients of the charm of "Fracia".


Moncalvo Monferrato

Comune di Moncalvo

GAL BMA - Gruppo di Azione Locale del Basso Monferrato Astigiano

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