Casa Montanari

Address: Via XX Settembre, 21, 14036 Moncalvo AT, Italia

The path along the Fracia leads to the height of Casa Montanari, unmistakable for the presence of the arch that leads to via Capello.

This building is part of Franco Montanari's left, who donated it to the Municipality of Moncalvo for cultural and artistic purposes.

The house borders the Church of S. Antonio Abate, so much so that the terrace is located above the sacristy.

Crossing the arch on the right you will come across a wooden door that has a plaque engraved with "1719": here is access to the church bell tower, one of the best panoramic points of Moncalvo, currently not open to visitors.

In front of the arch there is the "Montanari" staircase, which after restoration and embellishment with flowers, is one of the most characteristic streets of the town, which leads to Piazza Carlo Alberto.

To embellish the staircase there is a half capital above the brick column, which often still amazes some moncalvesi.

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